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day trading in the real world

Day trading can be the most exciting adventure you ever participate in. Stock trading will evoke emotions in you that you never knew existed. I bring this up because I just had a one hour conversation after the close with a trader who we have been mentoring for the last two months. 

Real world day trading or swing trading for those of us who make a living at it, is just….. well….. boring. I know that may sound hard to believe but when you get to the level of where you are successfully running a trading business, you spend your day following your plan, and at the end of the day, sometimes you make money, sometimes you don’t. Its that simple.

Newer traders have this deep rooted belief that they need to know more to get to the next level. You don’t need to know more. You need a structure for price so that what can seem like noise, can at times make sense. When it makes alot of sense, you make a trade. If you did what you are supposed to do, over the long haul you will make money. Experienced traders who make money consistently have rules they believe have an adge, and they follow them. This trader, since he has joined our mentor program has gone from losing money on a consistent basis, to learning how to not lose money, to being gross positive on a consistent basis. The next step for him is taking home a check.

 If you need a trading mentor, please shoot us an email. info@keystonetradinggroup.com

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