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Stock trading lessons:Networking

Online stock trading can be an isolating business. I have been a full time trader for over 10 years and none of my personal friends have ever traded before. When we get together on weekends we can’t talk work because they have no idea what some one who trades for a living goes through day in and day out. They have their 9-5 job where all they have to do is show up and get paid, they can’t fathom working an entire week and sometimes not getting paid (never mind losing money for the week!)

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change places with any of them. The point I am trying to make is it can be very refreshing to get out and speak to other traders. The trading community is a club that requires a certain kind of entrepreneurial mindset, no wimps allowed. You can get beat up mentally sometimes, it can feel good to have a group of other traders who you can share battle stories with.

To be a trader you need the ability to keep your emotions in check-not too high, not too low. You need that rare quality to bounce back and get up when you get knocked down. You want the positive energy you get from other people who are out there in the market with making their own way. Try to find some other traders in your town to grab a coffee with or to have dinner with once a month. You will be glad you did. It can inspire you and push your trading to new heights.


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