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Online stock trading

Far too often we see potential traders who still see 1999 on the calendar when they come to inteview for a position. You would think after all this time has elapsed a persons expectations when entering the business would be back to normal. While it is very possible to make a terrific living as a trader, you still need to put in the time to learn the craft of trading. Learning how to read a chart does not mean you now understand how to make money, it means you can recognize what happened.
The skill that will make you a trader, a trader who makes money is that of learning how to manage the person at the keyboard. Can that person be patient when there is nothing to do? Can you “push it” on a day the market is screaming to trade with more leverage? How will that person react when a well thought out trade moves against you? Do you have profit taking strategies for many market conditions?

If the market is obvious and trading with good volume you should expect follow through and you can add to your positions. If the market is choppy with no clear direction your expectation for the trade should be less. Are you paying attention and trading what is in front of you are are you projecting on to the market what you want to happen?

All of these scenarios and skills can only be learned over time. You must trade a live account to learn how to trade but you must keep your share size small per trade untill you learn how to be gross positive consistently.

Trading for a living is very possible for you. Just make sure you enter the business with the the right frame of mind that you need to learn a skill. If you would like to learn about trading our capital and getting the proper training and mentoring to manage a trading account we encourage you to get in touch with us. We will allow you to trade our capital remotely once you finish our training programs.


  1. DD-DaytraderDave
    October 30, 2007 at 4:09 am

    Hi Pete,

    Many will not realise it, but you have given some real good practical advice there. To me, the most important thing you mentioned is to trade with small size until you are making consistent profits – each and every week.

    After all, if you lose your capital in a short period after starting out, then how are you supposed to place enough live trades in order to gain the required live experiences? – as papertrading is really no comparasion to live trading, but has its place in relation to mastering the basics of the trading software that is to be used for chart reading and order entry.

    I will be reading through the rest of your blog and adding my comments as feedback.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences – much appreciated.


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