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day trading advice from Tiger Woods

What advice could Tiger Woods possibly have for you as a trader? What could he possibly know about hitting a bid or getting out of a bad trade? When has Tiger ever felt the pressure to pay the bills with his next trade?
I would hope it is safe to assume that anyone reading this is savvy enough to know who Tiger Woods is. He is the worlds #1 golfer by a mile and he is projected by Forbes to become the first billionaire athlete by 2010.
If you ever hope to be successful, and hopefully enormously successful you absolutely positively need to take the advice I am about to give you. Study successful people. Not just successful traders. It doesn’t matter if it is a grand master at chess, a violinist, a professional athlete, a dancer or a cook or a single mom raising 6 kids.
I am not talking about learning what they do; I am talking about listen to what they say about how they got there, what kind of effort it takes to get there, and what it takes to stay as one of the best. I am sure you want to succeed as a trader. I am sure you want to earn more money than you ever thought possible. I am sure you “want” it. Well I am here to tell you that wanting it is not enough, sorry to throw cold water on your face but it’s the truth.
You need a burning desire. How do you know if you have burning desire? Are you willing to get a part time job while you are learning to pay your bills? Do you go to the office every day early and stay late every day to ask questions of those who are succeeding? Do you faithfully keep a journal every day?
When you were a kid did you practice because you wanted to or because you had to? Winners never have to be told to try a little harder next time. Winners never have to be asked to stay late to practice.
Do you go to the bookstore in your spare time or do you watch 6 hours of TV? Let me tell you a universal truth, how you spend your spare time is how you will spend your future.
One of the best places to read about success on a daily basis is Investor Business Daily, the “leaders and success” page in the front section. I have a shoe box full of these articles that I go back to once in a while to get re energized.
So what does all this have to do with Tiger Woods? In case you aren’t a golf fan, last week he won the US OPEN (one of the 4 major events in golf) with a torn ACL ligament in his knee and two stress fractures in his other leg.
Although that was impressive, that’s not the point I wanted to make. I was watching the interviews with him on the Golf Channel after the match and here is the quote that struck me. “I basically spend the entire tournament trying to minimize mistakes until a few good opportunities present themselves.” To the casual observer this probably didn’t mean that much, to me, well I almost fell off my chair.

Tiger Woods just explained how to be a successful trader. Tiger Woods says the secret to his success is minimizing mistakes. Spend your day following your plan, and a few trades will end up presenting an opportunity for a better score (profits). In the mean time as the day unfolds just minimize mistakes and stay in the game. Pay attention to those who are successful, if you are aware you will get clues.
One last quote to leave you with, one of my favorites. It was to Maria Callas, the most renowned opera singer of the 1950’s. A young aspiring singer walked up to her and said “I would give my life to be as good as you.” Callas casually looked at her and responded “I already have.” Think about it that is pretty profound.
Pete Renzulli is a full time day trader, trading author and mentor located in NYC. To receive his weekly newsletter “Keystone Trading Journal” and the valuable report “two simple secrets for finding the easiest stocks to make money in each day.” click here
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