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day trading for a living

Day trading for a living. Just to say I day trade stocks for a living sounds very cool. No nights, no holidays, no weekends and no boss to answer to not to mention the unlimited potential. I can honestly tell you that when I tell someone at a party on the weekend how I earn a living I always get the same stare of wonderment!

Let’s face it trading for a living is sexy. I wanted to play baseball for a living when I was a kid. I lived and breathed being a catcher for the NY Mets. I have a better job now, one that gets better with age! I love the challenge of me against me every day.

Most people who are not traders believe it is you against the market but its not. If you have a system you believe in it’s just a matter of coming in every day and executig the system. Can you follow your own rules? Do you even have rules? I will tell you that if you don’t have rules commited to paper you have no shot at succcess as a trader.

Why do you need to write them down? It is simple you must know WHY you made money. If you don’t know what you did you will never be able to repeat your success. We have a terrific group of new traders that have joined us in the last month and they are fueling our desire to be better mentors. (not that we needed help at being fired up every day!)

We are always looking for new talent to join our team. If you think you have what it takes send me an email.



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