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How Keystone Differs from The Rest?

A question that i am asked quite often is what makes Keystone different from the other firms out there?

This is actually a good question and one that I never mind answering.  Both Pete and I have had the experience of trading at other firms before we began Keystone. (Andover, All-tech, Domestic Securities, E-trade, just to name a few). These experiences at the other firms is utimately what created our business model today. we took the good and bad of all these firms and got rid of the things we did not like and enhanced the positives of what we thought were good.

When I first started in the business the concept of being trained was a simple as this: There is your computer, your monitor and some buying power, go to work!  That being said, my learning curve was longer and more painful than it should have been.  I was paying as much as $20 per 1000 shares plus passthrough fees, yet, my manager would have me trade all day long regardless of the time of day, year, season or anything else.  It was not till much later on that I realized why he wanted me trading so much. He was making money every time my finger hit the keyboard.

Traders’ at keystone never experience anything like this. First of all, all of our traders’ go through a rigorous training course before ever making there first trade.  Once they start trading, commissions never are an issue. We have two different programs which are geared for different styles of trade. Traders’ must find a style that fits their personality.  Keystone only makes money, when you make money!  We actually tell traders’ to stop trading if there is nothing going on, because in fact they are trading our capital and the money is coming out of our pocket.

So in answer to the question, Keystone is different than most firms because we provide the training, the mentoring, the capital and the plan.



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