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day trading goals

Do you have solid idea, an image of where you want to be in your trading progress by January 1st 2009? Do you have an image in your head of the exact amount of money you want to be earning as a trader by then?

If the number is vague; that is the result you will get, trust me that is a universal law. Pick a monthly dollar amount it doesn’t matter if you haven’t made a dime yet. Pick one. At least then you will be going somewhere instead of anywhere! Whatever number you just picked now double it!

Whats going through your head right now? Is he crazy? I can’t do that!! You know what, if you believe that you are right. Why not start believing you can? Trade toward that number.

Most people think “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well I have news for you, you will see it when you believe it.

Ok you say you believe in yourself, thats not enough. Are you acting like a trader who wants to take home a check? Are you taking losses decisively? Are you spending your entire day developing scenarios or are you just placing orders because you are sitting at a keyboard?

Are you taking a shot at the open hoping it works out or are you patiently waiting for money to be sitting in the corner? Are you diligently keeping a journal? I can tell quite a few of you are not.

Are you trading more actively sitting at the edge of your seat when it it busy? Thats what good traders do, every trade they are in is a proactive act. Never do they hope the market helps them. I would have to say the most aggressive trader I have ever seen at the keyboard is Erik. He pounces when an opportunity is in front of him, if it doesn’t work out he gets out with the same tenacity and then moves on to look for the next trade. That one is history.

Good traders follow a plan flawlessly. Are you doing that every trade? Premier and Platinum traders have a plan, it works. Are you working the plan running a business or are you hoping the market does you a favor today?

Are you paying attention to how much money you gross versus how much you spend each day? Do you gross enough money to justify the amount of trading you do? Ask a mentor how you can gross more consistently. Are you setting alarms in the morning for yesterdays order flow?

Decide today, right here right now that you want to be a NET profitable trader. A net profitable trader is proactive, purposeful and believes he or she can make money on the next trade.

Talk is cheap. Make a decision to start today. Picture in your head what a net profitable trader would do when at the keyboard and work backwards, take those steps.

Do you love talking about trading? I am on the phone every morning at 7:15 am with our NJ branch owner Mark Marchi talking trading. About the trades we missed yesterday and the ones we nailed. We are like two 13 year old kids talking about baseball cards. I love it! It gets us both pumped for the day. Are you excited about trading for a living or do you get to the office at 9am?

You can have be or do anything you want in life, but you must have a vision in your head of exactly what that looks like. If you can’t vividly imagine it how can you possibly make it happen.

Pick a goal and lets take purposeful action to get there. Start now, there is no reason to wait and make a new years resolution.

Constantly imagine yourself being a successful trader and then take those actions. The last thing you want to do 12 months from now is say to yourself “the opportunity was there, I just didn’t apply myself.”

Make it happen starting today. Seek the impossible it is never more than a step away, take the first step.


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