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Who can I blame?

Trading is can be difficult, yet is is also very rewarding once you have gone through the learning curve. The period of time that you are in the “learning curve” can be the most trying time of one”s career and maybe even their life. You feel as though you understand what you are looking at, yet seem to be losing money every day. In most careers, (which have a salary), when you have a bad day, you still made money for the day and you receive a pay check at the end of the week.

In trading this is not the case. a bad day means you in fact lost money and now have to make it back. When there are bills to pay and possibly a family to feed, this can put enormous pressure on yourself , as well as any relationship you are in. There will likely be the doubters, friends and family who tell you to quit and get a “real job” and for you to stop gambling. This is when you, the trader, the person must dig deep within yourself and to believe that you have the talent, the drive and the passion to succeed as a trader. It is very easy to throw in the towel and this is why many do not make it as a trader.

When the going gets tough in trading, many people want to put the blame off themselves and on someone or something else. ” The system I was taught does not work”, “the software is too slow”, “My stop loss is to tight”, “i need more buying power”. If this sounds like you, you need to wake up and realize you control your own destiny and no one else. If there is someone in your office that is the”cancer” bringing everyone else down, get away from them! They will only cause harm to you by making you think that maybe they are right. Associate only with positive, success-oriented people. Get around winners. If you continue to associate with these negative people, I guarantee a life of frustration, and underachievement.

So take the bull by the horns and set yourself on the path to success!


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