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Body language

After being in the day trading business for as long as i have, it has become fairly easy for me to tell who has the best shot of becoming a successful trader.  In many cases, it is in within the first few moments of meeting someone that I can tell.  This business requires a certain level of confidence and a bit of arrogance. You truly have to believe that failure is not even an option and more importantly that you will be one of the best traders in the firm.  within a few moments of meeting with someone for an interview, i can tell if they have that attitude just by their body language.

However, just because somebody has that confident body language during an interview, it does not guarantee that it will carry over once they start trading.  If they are new to the business, it will be tested almost immediately. During the learning curve there will be many losing trades. Now the question is: how do they react?  We can look out on the trading floor and again, let the body language speak.  There will be the individuals slumped down in their chair, arms folded, and keyboard 5 feet away from them.  THIS IS SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN BEATEN DOWN BY THE MARKETS!  They have let the losing days affect their psyche and are on the verge of having a short career as a trader. A few more days like this and they will feel as though trading is impossible and you can not make money.

It is the traders who sit on their edge of their seats with their hands on their keyboards ready to pounce at the next opportunity who will rise to the top and become an elite trader.  Regardless of losing trades, losing days, or losing months,they know that they are one step closer to becoming profitable. They Believe! and there body language oozes with confidence.  If you do not believe you are going to be the best, it is likely that you will never be!

So, tomorrow when you are sitting at your trading desk, pay attention to your own body language.  Are you sitting in your chair as though it is a lazy boy or are you ready to pounce when you see a trade opportunity that has money written all over it.  If you find yourself, slouching in your seat with arms crossed, recognize it and make a change now. It’s not to late to make a change!



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