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We would like to thank everyone who attended last nights webinar. It ran a little bit longer than anticipated but that is a good thing. We covered A LOT of material.

We have received a flood of emails this morning about Keystone 20. Please remember that we are limiting admission for the next workshop which begins on Wednesday April 1 to fifty students. To guarantee your seat (online) we recommend signing up early.
To learn more about Keystone 20 click here.
During the webinar we spent quite a bit of time covering how to spot institutional order flow. This is where the big commitments are made by hedge funds that create the buying and selling pressure that can last for days and weeks.
When you learn to recognize order flow as we described in the webinar you will see your trading improve in giant leaps and bounds. More importantly you will be positioning yourself for much larger trading profits.
We also identified the significant reference points that we teach our proprietary traders. These points of “new levels” of order flow indicate when to be agressive with share size and how to manage your breakout trades.
*** We had an audio problem at the beginning of the video (I had my microphone plugged into the wrong spot!), the audio starts just after the first 3:30 you can scroll to that time so you don’t have to wait.
Please click here to view the WEBINAR video.
We will also be providing an MP3 download for you to put on your IPod.
**Don’t forget at the end of the webinar we provide links to watch a two hour video of out last Private Mastermimd meeting and a link to a 90 minute Private mentoring session.
I look forward to seeing you in Keystone 20 in April!
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