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good trading if you are ready!

Opportunity is abundant in this day trading environment. The intra day swings we are experiencing is amazing. It can be a tough time for those of you who may be new to  the business but wow will you be ready for a “normal” market!

I guess the question to be asked is what does an experienced trader see that a new trader does not? The answer is different types of trading days and understanding how to trade them. New traders falsely believe that all chart patterns are the same. All bull flags, breakouts, breakdowns are not the alike.

You must learn the scenarios leading up to the pattern. And then look at the same information in the market.

Is there an existing trend before a breakout? If trading a pullback from a new high or low what are the odds for follow through to new levels? If stocks are in a trading range do you know how to spot the clues for follow through or a reversal?

When you are in the business long enough you will spot these scenarios but more importantly you will trade agressively or not at all based on what the market is offering.

I have seen more and more traders blow out of the business because they traded the same size all the time. They had the same “trade expectation” all the time.

We explain this in detail in our last webinar. You can watch the video by clicking here. 


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