Pay Attention$

Trading is not easy, however it can be difficult if you do not pay attention.  What is the market doing and how is the stock you are trading in relation to the market responding, are questions you need to ask yourself. The market has steadily been climbing over the last 8-10 days. Logic would say we are bound to pull back, however we can not trade with opinions. we must use our technical analysis skills and determine what is the highest probability situation. With most stocks trading above their 20 and 50 daily 20EMA, it is essential to recognize that shorting the market is not the highest probability trade. This morning their was some opportunities to make money from the short side, however an astute trader would have recognized that it was just a pullback in an uptrend as we then bounced off the hourly support on most of the charts and would have used this sell off as a buying opportunity. We can never say the market has gone to far! Even though it may seem that way, the market will forever do what it does and usually defys logic.  That being said, let’s remember to always recognize the order flow and pay attention to not fight it!

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