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Rich: American Express Cards Used To Buy Hp Laptops


  • concentrate 80 % of your focus on 1 or 2 of your 4 stocks in your list
  • it will only take 1 or 2 trades a day to make your money for the day
  • get involve and manage risk
  • when stock breaks out and moves sideways for 5 10 min get in on the pause not when it breaks out of the pause
    • so you can add to it when it breaks out of the pause
    • risk is less
    • look for pauses and get involved
    • don’t wait for the perfect set-up
  • be patient and wait and when it moves jump on it, you should be waiting all day, ten when market moves go
    • take every trade then some work out
      • make your days on 2-3 trades out of the 15 trades you took thought the day
      • if 2 out of 3 of your 15 trades work out you will be ahead of the game
  • get paid on @ least 50 % of your trades
    • watch levels so you can know where I slows down to get involved
  • how you spend your spare time is how you will spend your future
    • Pete was watching a trading video @ 1AM
  • 100,000 shares a day is real trading
    • Some days you will make money some days you wont but when you do make money
  • be ready for the opportunity when it presents itself


In the morning I traded axp and hpq @ the same time!!!

I had 2 market maker windows running @ once and it went smooth.

AXP never followed through but hpq worked out nice.

Should have sold my second piece of axp at my add point not below. Broke the rules but learned my lesson. Pete wouldn’t have taught us it if it wasn’t important.

As far as my HPQ trade I should have sold the whole thing @ .50 not held onto ½ of it! Today would have been a day like yesterday; 1 trade in first 90 min then go to the beach.

Tomorrow im going to get in after the first 5 min like I did on Monday then dump it and take a walk! Worked out nice on Monday!

Today I made out well but once again I had to stay here all day to make what I would have made in first 90 min!


AXP Chart

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