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Rich: American Express Card Not Working Today


  • Sort your p/l by symbol
    • To see what your doing well in and what your not
  • look for what you want to trade next month
    • look for stocks during the day so you can see how they trade
  • don’t start a position with your full share size
    • then add to it
    • don’t get out unless it trades out of the range on a pullback IT MUST CLOSE ON THE 5 MIN CHART BELOW THE RANGE
      • we don’t want to get stoped out for noise
      • as the stock runs up in your face
  • stocks in play goog,sears,aa,erts
  • never enter on a huge green or red candle wait for it to slow down

Had a rough start this morning. Took some losses in axp and hpq just couldn’t get any follow through at the right time’s

Lost .20 in AXP

Lost .10 In HPQ

Made it all back and .01 cent mostly trading WFC

Day so far has been kind of choppy and not much direction we get a small push then pullback

Not much volume today @ all


As far as after lunch I got chopped up in axp. Missed the big breakout of .30 because I did not pay up for the ask instead I was being passive, and missed the 12:45 run up.

It was lunchtime the market was flat lined and I did not have much expectation for follow through; but lets not forget this is axp were talking about.

P/L slightly positive for the day so far (shouldn’t have been trading after first 90 min anyway)

Over all it was a fair day. Market was not so good tho with follow through

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