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$Want to make more money in the market and keep it?

I got the new eBook published on How to determine trade expectations.  Essentially I was up until 2 in the morning reviewing it.  Usually it doesn’t take me that long to read 60+ pages, especially if I was devouring it like I initially started to read the book.  I went through the first 20 pages and was thinking to myself, “Hold up, I need to start over and take some notes.”  So I went through the book like I was enjoying some old scotch.  I took my time with it and tried to let every key line sink in before I moved onto the next page.  So with that in mind I was able to take diligent notes that I will keep right next to me at my trade station.  I am inclined to give a couple of bullets about this book, but I would rather just say that you need to read it yourself.  It is full of powerful information.  I agree with what Pete says how some stuff in there might be a little advanced, but everyone will find it useful in the long run whether you are a newbie or seasoned trader. To get the book Click here

I was able to get this book for free because for a breif moment it was available at no charge. I honestly think that this book could be sold at a higher price then it is being offered. After reading it, this book has given me insight into my own trading and provided me with tools that I could put into use immediately. I did not stop reading it until I was done. But if you have not read the book, you are going to beat yourself up for not taking advantage of the opportunity to get it at such a good price.

In this book provided by Pete and Erik you will get extremely valuable insight that practically no one is teaching out there. Some of the topics include:

  • Learning how to determine if today is a tough day to trade, while the day is still unfolding, and how to trade it
  • Learning how to build an argument for a really obvious edge versus a not so obvious edge
  • Defining trade expections and using them to manage your trade
  • Learning what has enabled Pete and Erik to outlast thousands of traders and what causes most to fail

After reading this book, I was not able to go to sleep readily because I was running through all the notes in my head.  And this was at 3 o’clock in the morning.  It helped reinforce that I want to be a trader and nothing else because I have a never ending passion for the market.  This book made me remember that I don’t want to ever be satisfied, while mentioning a simple concept of inspirational dis-satisfaction.

Since being with Keystone I have no doubt ran into the biggest problem that most of the traders at this firm face, which is getting out of good trades too soon.  This book will serve as an instrumental part of your trading tool box.  So if you haven’t checked out the link above, do not hesitate to Click here

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