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$Scary view from this high up

Day after day the $VIX keeps telling us that there is absolutely no fear in the market to be long. Every day the $SPY opens higher and continues higher or opens lower and rallies.

I am not saying the market is “too high.” No successful trader would every say that, it is never too high or too low. However, not having any meaningful pauses or pullbacks means that there are continuous bids supporting prices.

At some point retail traders are going to be left without a seat at the dance. Please be sure that you have trailing stop loss orders that are MARKET ORDERS not limit orders on any swing trades or any longer term trade. The percentage moves we have seen the last 4 months is simply astounding. Book it and smile.

I feel like I am on a roller coaster without the protective bar that goes over your lap. It is exciting but dangerous. IF WE GET the healthy pause or a consolidation of the gains it will be time to get aggressive again, right now especially for short term traders keep your share size down.

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