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$Deb Says, How does one keep “in check” and profitable?

Self reflecting is a wonderful thing; however, reflections are only wonderful and helpful when they become the driving force behind solutions that lead to growth.

Self reflecting daily on one’s trading performance yields great gains in trading development and ultimately profitability. I take time at the start, middle, and end of each day to take a look at what I am doing and feeling throughout my trading day. In addition, taking a closer view via one’s daily journals at the end of a week and month is very important. I don’t allow my journal to collect dust on a shelf; rather, I use it to analyze myself in short and long term time frames.

Self reflecting and analysis is critical in keeping myself “in check” and profitable. I am amazed by how easy it is for me, as a trader, to fall into thinking patterns that are dangerous to my trading and ultimately my profitability. Self reflecting helps me keep myself under control and keeps me in business.

This blog is one example of a way that I self reflect and keep myself “in check”. As I sit here thinking about my performance so far in September (that is really only a few days old so far) I am reminded of one challenge that I must keep under control and “in check”. This is especially true when I am down on the day or month in my P/L. I must avoid trading to earn something back which leads to trading one’s P/L and, ultimately, very poor trading.

As a result of my current reflections, I am reminding myself to trade well and focus on capturing only high probability trades. The outcome of avoiding mediocre trades is profitability and a P/L that is worth writing home about.

So after a nice holiday weekend, let’s all gather our self reflections, use them to drive our growth, trade well, and be profitable.



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