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$Sometimes It’s Just The Simple Things That Count

September has been a great learning month for me. I have been writing, reflecting, thinking, analyzing trades, and doing anything that comes to mind to document what my challenges have been this month and what I need to do to fix my performance.

The answer came to me in an email from Mentor Pete after I had sent him the an email with questions. In my email I made the point that I am good at trading a trend (in stock or stock and market) and poor at trading range bound stocks or  range bound stocks and markets. I was looking to make changes in what I was doing to correct my mistakes from this month and I missed the simple solution.

The simple solution was..

If you know you are good at trading a trend then, as Mentor Pete, put it, “Only trade when you get a trend”.

This leads me to what I am reminding myself of …..don’t make things difficult and when something works do it when it does not kick it to the side.

I also must mention that I am very excited about the  Mastermind Meeting at Keystone on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009 from 6:oopm to 7:30 pm. about this exact topic. What does not work for you as a trader? I can’t wait  to hear from other traders about what does not work for them. It is the best “set up” for learning. When we learn from each other we solidify and build individual learning and individual and group  success.

Always remember its the simple things that we miss sometimes and the things that really count much of the time.


Thanks all at Keystone…I can’t wait for the Mastermind meeting!!



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