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$Debbie: How do you measure your month?

September has been the best month in the last year on my path to becoming a professional trader. After that statement most people will say, “ok, great…how much money did you make”? And then when I follow that question with my answer, “none, I lost a good bit of money this month”, most people will look at me as if I have ten heads.

September  has been “The” month that drove me to reach down deep inside my trading “gut’ and take a deep, hard, ugly  look at what was inside and decide if I  had what it takes to be a professional trader or not. I would venture to say that this is the point that most people quit.

The market demands, without mercy, focus, discipline, strong/balanced psychology, constant learning and skill development, and an alertness to change and the ability to adapt to change that is as quick as a leopard and as sharp as the blade of a knife.  

After, I was forced to take that “deep, hard, ugly look inside my trading, I was able to recapture that feeling of knowing, without one speck of doubt, that I know how to trade and can make money in this business. Simply put, I was able to regain my confidence by learning from my trading and making immediate changes in my actions to improve my trading. More importantly, I was harshly reminded that I have complete control over what I take out of the market on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

 I must add here that Keystone Trading Group has given me the ability to know what I know. They provide a system, education/training/mentoring, and a forum by which traders become a part of a collaborative team.

Here is to October!

 Happy Profit Taking All!!



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