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End of the Quarter$

So ends the 3rd quarter of the year! The rally over the last 3 months has been more than impressive. The shorts have been bruised and batter and for the most part gave up. Today, we sold off fairly hard in the morning on poor manufacturing numbers only to rally in the mid afternoon and then late in the day , a bit of selling pressure entered the market.

So starts the 4th quarter and historically the worst month of the year, OCTOBER. It really is hard to make a prediction of what will happen, but we know one thing. The market has been strong with virtually no pullbacks. So initially we will be looking to get long and buy the pullbacks. However, we do believe that the markets rebound may be a bit overdone in the short term. We will continue to be diligent in our stock selection and will be involved in both sides of the market, long and short. We will keep an eye on the volume on the moves down as well as the moves up. If the market continues to consolidate as it has for the last 2 weeks or so, we will be patient to pick our spots and have lower trade expectations

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