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$easy money or hard money?

Find a spot to get long has been the cry for the last 6 months. The probability for follow through has been very high. At the same time the probability for short sales to follow though in a significant manner has just not been there.

I bring this up today because as we begin a new Keystone 20 class this month the trainees want to get involved in every momentum move that flashes on the screen. They want to commit capital to a short term move that is trading  trading against a long term order flow.

However you define a supply or demand bias in order to make the bigger money or even the consistent money you must have a edge. You must know what your best trades look like, these are your easy money trades. Everything that is not your best trade must be managed differently.

Different profit targets, stop loss and share size.

The new trainees don’t have enough screen time to see the difference and make the distinction with real money. Do yourself a favor and spend some quiet time with your charts and your P&L to uncover the easy money scenarios that fit your trading style.

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