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$Debbie: What was my trading lesson today?

Today there was opportunity to be had in the market but it was not made easy. A breakout to the upside led by banks and then some sideways movement  followed by  a slow grind up meant for some difficult trading. Although I ended my day with a small loss, I traded well and was able to manage risk and protect profits.

As I traded today I had a big realization. If I would get in the stock that shows the order flow in price action by taking out significant levels (which I have no problem identifying) and book part of my profits and hold a piece of the remaining shares then I would be much more profitable than trying to find points to get in.

By getting into the trade from the first move, booking partial profits, and keeping a balance of shares (with a stop at break even or +1) then I could capture the big moves and capitalize on them by adding to the position. This would be the case on many difficult days as well as trending days.


Another Lesson Learned!

Profitable Trading ALL!!



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