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$Debbie: What do trading and a roller-coaster ride have in common?

If you followed my last blog post then you will remember all the reasons why I was not ticted at myself for giving back morning’s earnings on a very difficult afternoon trading session yetserday.

Today, (Friday, October, 9, 2009) Debbie has a big reason to be unhappy with her trading perfomance. The reason is that a small loss kept getting bigger because Debbie was stubborn and insisted that there were good trades to be had on a day, in the markets, that started out no place, continued no place, and ended no place.

Yes there were good trades but when follow through is lacking on good trades then it is time to take a seat on the sidelines and stay there—-not insist that what “should happen” will happen just becasue you insisit it should…happen. …say that three times fast!

So yesterday I gave back a mornings worth of work and today I gave back a little less than a weeks worth of work. Just when one thinks all is under control one of those “cousins” of a previous mistake shows up and takes a trader for a ride.

A ride on what you may be asking? the roller-coater ride to becoming a professional trader, Debbie says!

A roller-coaster  ride has many peaks and valleys that whip you around making you think that any second you might speed right off  the tracks only to jerk you around the corner and bring you back to your senses so that you know you will be alright.

Becoming a professional trader is much like a roller-coater ride. There are many dips, peaks, and valleys that one goes through. All of those dips, peaks, and valleys leave one excited, tired, breathless, confused, and annoyed all at the same time at times. As a result, one’s psychology can be severely injured at times. Unless one realizes the following.

The bottom line is that learning how to trade is about  making mistakes, learning from them, building on them, and learning some more. One is jerked around often and the market forces you back to your senses….but in the end if one continues to learn then progress continues.

So…Debbie is ticted at herself…yes…..but ends this difficult day with the following…

Another lesson learned on this “roller-coaster ride” to becoming a professional trader.

The dips, peaks, and valleys lead to and means that one is learning so Debbie says take it in the chin, recognize and embrace another lesson learned and ther will be better trades and trading days ahead….Have a great weekend all!

15 trading days left in October. Let’s all make them profitable ones:)



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