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$Debbie: What is easily forgotten by longer-term traders?

As a trader there are so many things to monitor, watch, and interact with throughout any given trading day as well as the need to self regulate and keep the reigns tight on oneself to follow one’s own game plan, rules, and strict dicsipline guidelines that one simple item can easily be forgotten even by the best, most skillful traders. This is especially true for traders seeking to not only enter a great, high probability trade but one that has a high potential of being the trade that can be built into a “longer term” intraday position.

The item  that is easily forgotten is the rate of activity that is appropriate for the type of trading day it is that unfolds. Specifically, as a platinum trader, I don’t need 20 trades a day; rather, I am looking for a few high probability trades that may turn into the one or two trades of the day. This is especially easy to forget when one is down of the day. The psychological drive to make something “lost” back can cloud thinking and negatively impact trading.

As a developing trader this is one area that I am focusing on right now.


Profitable trading all!!



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