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$Debbie: Who are the cousins of Impatience? Watch your back!

The cousins of impatience are:

1. Pushy

I am introducing you to “Pushy”. Pushy is the cousin of Impatience who keeps the trader thinking that something is obvious and limits must be tested in order to capitalize on any given trading day. Pushy makes one think that full steam ahead is synonomous with getting paid. Once Pushy grabs hold the blindsided trader keeps saying I am being patient when in reality Pushy has clouded the trader’s view of himself. The opposite is the case. Pushy sucks the trader in like a long lost friend and then shows his ugly face.

2. I Missed It

Another cousin of Impatience is “I Missed It”. This dastardly , sneaky imposter keeps the trader thinking that she is always behind the 8 Ball. The most obvious result of “I Missed It’s” influence is poor entries.

3. Get It Back

“Get It Back” is a tricky cousin of Impatience as she works on what the trader knows about herself. The unsuspecting trader knows what she knows and is confident of the system she uses to trade successfully with so a negative P/L on a day becomes something that can be regained. Although this may be true, “Get It Back” really pops its head up strong on days that are very difficult and taking a small loss is a good thing. The result is usually a  P/L that is more red.


Profitable trading All!!

  1. Bart
    October 26, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    Debbie, I will add “Scared” to your list…Scared is responsible for not giving trades enough time to work out, and taking profits waaaay too early…or get out of good trades with a loss when there is no reason to get out because the trade is still working itself out…

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