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Back to Basics (Metal Attitude)

Often times in our blog post we talk about trade ideas/scenarios, how they play out and how we can improve and continuously build on our skills. Being able to identify and take advantage of trade opportunities on a day by day bases is a big part of being successful. The other part is having a strong metal attitude and consistent discipline to help during down periods.

Now every trader goes through low/down periods through out their career, but for newer trader it may appear to effect them deeper because they have not develop the proper personal methods/channels to help deal with their emotions during period of low performance. While an experienced trader may quickly identify mode changes and take appropriate steps to address them with the least damage to their trading.

Knowing the difference between losing money on bad ideas or losing money because of overall conditions/environment is very important. Knowing these distinctions can be the difference between profits or losses on the next trade scenario. Trading your plan with this mindset can keep traders focused and determined so they can identify improvements to their trading, which can lead traders from losing periods to profitable opportunities.

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