Consistency Consistency Consistency… This is a goal that every person who takes on trading as a career wants to achieve. And this is one of the most difficult trait to obtain, but is the only thing that keeps you viable in this business over the long run. So what are some of the obstacles that holds traders back of achieving the ultimate goal.

The first obstacles traders have on the road to consistency are developing a trading plan with guidelines that can identify trade opportunities on a consistent bases. The second obstacle which is more subtle but equally destructive to your trading is truly accepting the risk of trading. Many traders believe than because they are in this business that they are risk takers and by buying and selling stock that they are accepting the risk of their trading, which can be far from the truth.

Truly excepting the risk means you are able to execute trade ideas with out expecting the market to produce results for you.  Understanding that trading is a zero sum game and that all outcomes are the responsibility of the trader.  With accepting the risk unfavorable markets information/outcomes should not dramatically affect a trader’s performance.  Having this understanding will produce an attitude and mindset that will be a trader best tool for consistency.

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