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Breakout Trade $RIMM $$

Day after day we as traders are in search of opportunity.  I have many conversations with traders who complain at the end of the day that this market is void of good trades.  They complain that there is only 30 minutes to an hours worth of good trading a day.  The problem these traders are having is that they are not in the right stocks.  The majority of our time should be spent looking for stocks that are going to move plus be readable. 

Today was a perfect example of being in the right stock.  The market as a whole was flat and basically trendless on the day.  Even though this was the case I ended the day thinking it was an easy day.  Why? Because I was in the right stock. 

On the open today there was one stock on my radar, Research in Motion (RIMM).  The previous day RIMM traded very well, with volume, and closed strong.  I was watching the stock trade in the pre-market and right around 915-920 RIMM started to show some strength on the tape.  My game plan was to get long around the previous days high.  This entry triggered at 933 and I got long.  This was the definition of a breakout trade as I was booking half of my trade for a point within 6 minutes.  The reason I booked is the market lately has been retracing opening moves only to resume them later on in the day.  The correct way to trade this breakout was to book some of the trade in order to manage risk.  RIMM ended up pulling back a bit but was still exhibiting strength on the tape so I added back in around the 53 level.  As you can see from the chart this was a good idea as I got another point out of the trade before exiting most of the trade during the consolidation of the move around 1030-11.  I reentered the trade when volume picked up at the 55 level and the bid held after the break.  I got a quick .90 on this trade before I recognized exhaustion coming and exited.  The tape started to get erratic and I knew this was the time to get out as something was changing about the way RIMM was trading. 

The key to this trade was that I was ready for it.  I had a game plan and the plan executed.  Many traders spend their time complaining about moves they missed or trades they mismanaged.  The reason for this is that they don’t have a good plan about what they are going to do.  Spend your time developing trade scenarios and spend the market hours executing your plan.  Best of luck in your trading. 


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