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The Trader Talk Think Tank

Announcing an unprecedented opportunity to learn…

We are visiting Chicago and Philadelphia!

Keystone Trading Concepts presents the

Trader Talk Think Tank

Each month in our NYC office Keystone Trading hosts and moderates a two hour networking event that empowers our attendees to:

· Discover how to assess market conditions like a professional for the upcoming quarter

· Gain insight into which sectors have the lowest risk opportunities

· Discuss ideas you have previously traded and new ideas you are considering

· Review of previous Game Plans and how Keystone’s proprietary traders and students executed those ideas with real money

· Get a glimpse into the Keystone Trading Plan and how we plan to attack the markets in the coming week

Additional topics on the schedule include:

· The most common and (most costly) stock trading mistake and how to avoid it

· How to eliminate the anxiety caused by reading your brokerage statement

· The difference between a risk only trade versus a trade with a high probability to earn money

· How to qualify to trade firm capital for Keystone (remotely)

On Wednesday October 27th at 7:00pm EDT Keystone Trading Concepts will be hosting a preview webinar for the next Trader Talk Think Tank to be held in Chicago at the Sofitel hotel on Monday, November 8th 2010.

During the Preview Webinar we will be discussing the top 5 reasons why attending the Chicago

Trader Talk Think Tank on November 8th will stimulate new ideas for you, learn how a professional trading firm allocates capital to scenarios and most likely develop some great new friendships.

Think Tank attendance has no fee with pre-registration however we normally have standing room only so there is a $75 fee at the door for those without an entrance ticket.

We strongly encourage registering with a friend or spouse!

Once again the preview webinar for the Chicago Think Tank is this Wednesday , October 27th at 7:00pm EDT, (6pm in Chicago) .

Please call 212-594-8900 to Reserve your spot Today!

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