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FOCUS for stock trading

I think in the past few weeks that I’ve been at Keystone, the one  resounding theme has been “focus”.  You can go into the morning, fresh and prepared (having already set your game plan for the day) and then have it all thrown against you because you lost focus (for even 2 minutes) while in the game. 

I think the past few weeks have been extremely helpful in helping me to understand what to focus on while I’m trading.

FX has been a driving factor of the markets and focusing on the USD and the EUR moving  has been extremely helpful in reacting to moves.  Making sure to focus on currencies, and broader market indices (VIX, SPY, DOW, ETF’s, etc…) at all times, have allowed me to have a greater understanding on the way certain stocks move.

It’s not to say that things are always going to play out the way you “expect them to” (green on the screen) but you could definitely limit your downside over the long run making an effort to understand and focus in on all the moving parts while in the game. That’s what I learned at least…

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