Liberty Global Inc. (LBTYA, LBTYC)

LBTYA/LBTYC are two stocks for the same company, just different classes. They provide voice, video, and broadband Internet services. Some of its competitors are also seeing positive order flow coming in, such as CMCSA, DTV, VIA-B, TWC, and DISH. LBTYA is a 10+ long on the charts, 10 above the 20, above the 50, above the 200.

It has been rallying from a breakout starting September 1st, 2010 and has had only 8 days since that closed lower than the open, all of which never dipped below the previous 5-6 day range. Significant volume started coming in on October 15th and since then the lowest volume day was a down day on 2.2million shares traded, while the other days usually have a range of 3-4 million shares traded. Unfortunately the ATR for this stock is only 0.67 but the beta is 1.44. Today is unfolding very bullish, it could be an energy candle.

The hourly chart looks very orderly and easy to trade, it doesn’t pull back hard or gap around much. But again this stock does not move too far, usually about 40 to 50 cents a day. If you are looking to trade this sector, which is pretty bullish, this is definitely a stock to trade, either intraday or swing trade.

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