Keystone 20

Do you have what it takes to be a professional trader?
Learn how to start your trading career with a solid foundation

What is Keystone 20?

Keystone 20 is a two month stock trading workshop where you will trade real money and be guided by proven mentors. The first week, you will learn our proven and simple trading plan (Equity Trader 101) that teaches you about order flow.

 Mutual funds, major institutions and hedge funds create buying and selling pressure, we call this price movement order flow. Learning to spot obvious order flow is our edge.

This buying and selling pressure is the order flow that can move a stock for days, weeks or even months. Learning how to read order flow from your screen is the first part of the equation. This is how you learn to spot low risk trades on a daily basis that offer big rewards.

As a Keystone 20 graduate, you will understand how to earn consistent money as a stock trader and will have the chance to upgrade to the Keystone Platinum four month workshop to earn the opportunity for a full time position on the prop trading desk of Keystone Trading Group.

How do we do it? We’ve taken our decades of experience and created a simple system that works in any market condition There are only two different types of trading days the market can present, Keystone 20 is proven to help you recognize what type of market condition you are in today and more importantly how to trade it profitably with very little risk or stress.

—->To view the complete Keystone 20 schedule and itinerary simply email and place “request for K20 itinerary” in the subject line.

Who should consider enrolling in Keystone 20?

1) Anyone who is struggling to earn a consistent living as a full time trader. Are you one of those traders who have a world of talent but “crashed” your account before you learned how to be consistent? This is the perfect opportunity to elevate yourself from a break-even trader to a trader who goes to the bank every month with a consistent pay check.

2) Anyone who is considering leaving their full time job, but is not 100% sure what it takes to trade for a living. (Someone who wants to be prepared to make money the moment you quit your old desk job.)

A little known secret that is known only by the top traders on Wall Street is that you should already know the expectation for a trade even before you place the trade! Knowing this information is what makes trading at the top levels of Wall Street stress free. You simply place the trade and let it unfold based on how we teach you to create an expectation for the trade scenario.

We call this trade expectation. You don’t need to know what is definitely going to happen next to earn consistent money as a stock trader. You need to know what will probably happen next and have a plan for what you will definitely do next. There is no guessing or predicting. You will always have total control no matter what happens next.

Trade expectation simply defined is “how much reward can I reasonably expect to earn based on the current order flow?”  Once you understand order flow you will have a very good idea what the proper risk should be based on potential reward. It is actually very simple to find great trades; you simply need to learn how to recognize when order flow is obvious or messy and then trade what you see.

When you learn how to put ALL of the trading pieces together into developing trade scenarios only then will you be ready to tackle the market each day with confidence. With Keystone 20, you will gain that confidence and begin a career that will last you a lifetime.

With this knowledge and confidence you will expect to earn money each day instead of hoping.

Keystone Trading is known for our mentoring and continuing education. It is virtually impossible to learn how to trade from a seminar or from a book.

In order to succeed you need to be able to ask questions while the market is unfolding and then place actual trades with a real money account to gain experience.

We answer those questions and provide the capital to place the trades when you are enrolled in Keystone 20. In fact during the first two months you will receive over 20 hours of training videos, two weeks of instruction after the training, two Mastermind webinars and over 50 hours of private mentor videos. These videos will be from the very same days you will be trading our account and available to you 24/7!

To sample a training video click here

To  view a sample video of the two weeks of live instruction click here

Keystone 20 includes:

One week of online training beginning the first business day of each month taught in our multi media presentation Equity Trader 101

  • A ten hour video review of the program after the first week
  • 50 Question review test designed to help the trader with comprehension of key topics.
  • Over 12 hours of continuing education videos from our Mastermind meetings
  • Entrance to our pre market meeting and access to end of day video archives to improve preparation for the market open and to review the market and best opportunities from each day.
  • Two weeks of continued training in the Equity Trader 101 method of reading order flow, developing trade scenarios and managing risk during live market hours in our mentor room
  • A live account to execute REAL trades
  • Instructional videos and live help to learn the Esignal charting platform and the execution software
  • No market risk; Keystone absorbs 100% of your risk
  • You will receive 50% of your net profits earned during the two months
  • You will learn the art of “tape reading.” This skill will help you fine tune your entries as well as forecast the next immediate move with confidence
  • You will learn how a professional trader can execute thousands of shares per day for little to no cost
  • E Book Transcript of each new Mastermind meeting and audio file.
  • Four weeks of private mentoring with a small group with access to watch those very same mentoring sessions on video.

Each Keystone 20 workshop begins the first business day of each month and runs for the full two calendar months.

Should a trader desire the opportunity to earn a full time trading position on the Keystone Trading Group prop trading desk he or she can upgrade to the four month Keystone Platinum workshop.

Keystone 20 would be considered the first two months of the four month workshop.

Tuition for Keystone 20 is $3,695

****Money back guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the first full day of class simply return all of your class manuals and you will receive a complete refund within seven business days. No questions asked.

—->To view the complete Keystone 20 schedule and itinerary simply email and place “request for K20 itinerary” in the subject line. Or call (212) 594-8900

  1. Joseph Gray
    February 12, 2009 at 8:36 am

    I am a 47 yr. old self employed remodeling contractor. I have had my own business for 23 yrs. Over the past 5 years I have traded equity and equity options when I am not working.I have looked over all of the materials that you have sent and would love to join your firm. I would say that I am an experienced trader that needs to get to the next level .
    My desire is to be able to trade for a living full time. My intention is to join your firm and work towards gaining your confidence by generating consistant monthly profits. At present I have the time to dedicate but can not spare the $4,000 to join. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Joe

  2. February 14, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    Hi thanks for this 101 trading course, it goes to the essentials of trading without much complications which is what trading is all about, excellent!!!. P.S. I am a profitable trader and i was able to confirm how i trade with your reversal pattern, thanks again Marco.

  3. gary cohen
    February 27, 2009 at 10:53 am

    Dear sir:

    I have been trading for 20 years , worked for smith barney in the late 90s and int 2001, I have extensive knowledege in trading gaps , fades,reversals ,candlestickcharting, fibonnacci levels, level 2 , and account management Ie: stop loss limits and cash management of trades. . I live in palm beach florida and wonder if i can have an interview for a potential position as a proprietary trader. I can be reached at 561-313-1138

    Gary Cohen

  4. Jim
    February 27, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Do you require a series 7?

  5. Tim F
    September 4, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    Hi Pete,

    Quick question about keystone 20……..Is it conducted ONLY online…or can you come into your nyc office for it?


    Tim F

  6. September 9, 2009 at 7:53 am

    Hi Tim,
    If you are near the NYC office you absolutely can attend K20 in the office

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