Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions Mutli Media Presentation


Do you know…

What Arbitrage Funds are doing?

How to calculate the spread in a share swap merger?

What a poison pill is?

How to discount future values to present value?


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This E-Presentation was produced to give everybody who follows corporate news a better understanding of the M&A announcement. In addition we will provide you with the tools needed to follow the price movements of the stocks in play so that you can profit from their movements.


Topics Covered:

n      Terms and Definitions

n      The Announcement

n      What Arbitrage funds do

n      How can we take advantage of the situation

n      What are the variables that impact what happens

n      What retail investors expect

n      What really happens and what could happen

n      How does the market react


We will go into details on how to follow the prices of the stocks “in play”, especially the spread and how to adjust expectations depending on different scenarios that we discount with probabilities and interest rates.


Recent 2008 M&A activity we cover:

n      Mars – Wrigley

n      Teva – Barr

n      JPM – Bear Stearns

n      Microsoft – Yahoo

n      Delta – Northwest



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