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how a professional stock trader earns money

Do you want the secret to consistently going to the bank? The all powerful golden rule that will unlock stock trading profits and financial freedom for you?

The first part of the secret is keeping a detailed journal during the trading day of what definitely does not work. I am not talking about a long bunch of paragraphs, I am talking about maybe ten 7 word bullet points of observations.

As you build up more screen time you MUST build your personal list of  low probability ideas. In other words “Don’t do this, and this and this.” The sooner you can minimize mistakes the more crystal clear your trading plan will become and you will have a list of do this and this more often.

This leads us to the second part of the secret. New traders lose money on every idea they have, they allocate capital to every idea without deep consideration for the probability of that idea making money.

Consistently profitable traders lose money on good ideas. They don’t execute a trade if after giving it some thought the expectation for follow through is low. In other words newbies execute a lot of trades that they can manage risk on, but has little potential to actually earn money. They feel safe but they also won’t earn a living.

Everyone will lose money trading, maybe even 50% of the time, it is a given. Make sure you make the list of what definitely does not work, then commit capital great ideas only.

You will still lose money on some good ideas but you will come out positive at the end of each month.

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